Friday, September 27, 2013

Why I hate calling or chatting with Verizon

Maslin(10:59:26): Were you able to log into your Verizon account, so I can assist you further to get FiOS Phone and FiOS Internet plan for you in a better manner?

You(10:59:32): I'm in

You(10:59:53): It took a while. Couldn't remember ID a PW

Maslin(11:00:28): Allow me to provide you a link to recovered your User ID and Password.

You(11:00:46): No. I'm in. I have it now.

Maslin(11:01:06): I see. If you have forgotten your User ID and Password, please follow these steps:

1. Go to:

2. Select the 'Forgot User ID or password?' link under the red sign in button.

3. Select the radio button for "Forgot User ID and Password" and click 'Continue'.

4. Enter your email address and Home Telephone Number and click 'Continue'.

5. Enter your secret answer for validation, and click 'Continue'.

6. Now your User ID is displayed for you. Enter your desired "new password" twice and click 'Continue'.

Maslin(11:01:16): Please let me know once you get the user id and password.

You(11:01:38): I'm in. I've said it twice.

Maslin(11:04:03): I would recommend you to please follow the above steps 1 by 1 to get your user id and password. You may get temporary PIN option on the page. Please select an option to select temporary pin to log into your account/

Maslin(11:12:08): Is everything going well with the steps

Maslin(11:12:08): ?

Maslin(11:14:24): I have not heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue this chat session?

Maslin(11:18:14): I have not heard from you for several moments. I will assume you have everything you need. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for using Verizon's chat service.

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